Climate: in August 2016, not so hot for the past 136 years

According to scientists at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (Giss) NASA, August 2016 was the warmest of the last 136 years at least, that is the time when you have modern recordings of terrestrial temperatures. This brings to eleven consecutive months in which there was a record of temperatures in a sequence inaugurated in October 2015.

“The monthly rankings, ranging from a few hundredths of a degree, are inherently fragile – explains the director of Giss, Gavin Schmidt -. The long-term trends are the most important to understand the changes taking place that are affecting the planet. ” And are the “long-term trends” those represented graphically by Munroe. The Earth is warming at a frightening pace, he never occurred at least in the last thousand years. Gavin Schmidt leader of climatologists at NASA. Keep the temperature increase within 1.5 degrees requires significant and substantial cuts in CO2 emissions or coordinated interventions of geo-engineering, “said Schmidt. “Unfortunately we are not reducing greenhouse gas emissions even to contain rising more than 2 degrees,” he added.

This year, the average global temperature has reached the peak of 1.38 degrees Celsius compared to the levels experienced in the 19 / th century and therefore already very close to the limit of 1.5 degrees (2 degrees preferred) increase compared to pre levels -Industrial indicated at Cop 21 in Paris, the limit beyond which the warming of the planet can cause devastating effects. With this increasing pace of global warming, therefore, the planet will heat up in the next one hundred years at a rate “at least” 20 times higher than the historical average, according to NASA. And it is the trend in the long run you have to worry about, noted the scientist explained that there is no interruption in this escalation concluding that “it is a chronic problem for the company for the next hundred years.”



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